My name is Carly Stern and I am currently a freshman at New York University.

Full disclosure…I am not a chef. I can make omelets, grilled cheese and macaroni semi-successfully. Okay, honestly I’m lying when I say I am semi successful with my cooking endeavors. So, this blog will be a documentation of my journey trying to cook as well as a place for me to document all of the really cool places that I get to eat at.

I believe that cooking and eating should be fun, so if you’re looking for a serious step by step/ how to/ look at me and my fancy expensive fine dining experiences blog…this is not the right place.

The reason that my blog is called TAE is because I think it’s really backwards if you don’t love food. Get it? (TAE is “eat” spelled backwards).

If you subscribe to this blog I will deliver a puppy to your door!! Just kidding but I will deliver tons of fun.