Tae Foods Adventure Time

I live in the New York City. If you didn’t already know that you should really pay more attention to my blog. Or if you’re new, welcome to the best blog in the whole world! Since I am a newbie to the big apple and a newbie to the blogging world, I decided that I should bring both of my new worlds together. With this blending I have decided to go on weekly food adventures.

My weekly adventure will consist of me and a buddy going on a random subway, getting off at a random subway stop and eating at the first restaurant we see. Scary right?

For this first adventure I took boyfriend as my buddy. Surprised? I’m not. We got onto the F Subway Line (mostly because the entrance is right next to his apartment). Then we went downtown until we liked the name of the stop. We got off at York Street. It felt fitting for this oh so crazy New York adventure.

Exiting the subway was very terrifying. We did not want to end up eating at a gross, rat-infested food establishment. Also, we were starving.

New York is known for its amazing food, but it’s also known for its not so amazing food; so we didn’t really know what to expect.

Luckily, we got out of the train and the first thing we saw was Dumbo Kitchen. First of all, it looked beautiful and modern…truly a blessing. Second, when we walked inside we realized that they had millions of choices. Okay, not really millions but we could choose anything from bagels and a smoothie to a Panini and some cookies. You order your food deli style and they call you up to get it when it’s finished. Boyfriend got waffles and I got a grilled cheese with butternut squash. Home run. The food came and boyfriend and I got a table by the window. The table by the window is ideal for us so that we have perfect lighting for our perfect food pictures.

We were very, very satisfied with our meal. I think it was mostly because we had such low expectations. The grilled cheese was pleasantly sub-par (the cheese wasn’t fully melted). And the waffles were basically just l’eggo my eggos. But! We didn’t get food poisoning. The main goal of these tae foods adventures is to avoid getting food poisoning.

Stay tuned for next weeks adventure time. Seriously, wish us luck.








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