Breakfast for President

It has been a long minute since my last cooking endeavor. Mostly because it’s really hard. But! A while ago (maybe last weekend) I decided that I would make breakfast. I didn’t because I didn’t want to, but luckily the ingredients were still in the fridge. So, last night I decided to make breakfast for dinner.

Here’s the thing, I now understand why breakfast for dinner was always suggested at my house. It’s so easy to make and SUCH a crowd pleaser. Go Dad!! Breakfast wins. Go breakfast. Breakfast for Pres.

I decided to make scrambled eggs for boyfriend, eggs in a blanket -that’s what it was called in my house but I don’t know if it actually has a name- for myself, and boyfriend made himself bacon.

I started by making my eggs in a blanket. This is a piece of bread with a circle cut out of the middle and an egg is put into that hole in the bread. I cut the bread with a cup to make sure that I got a perfect circle in the middle. I did not get a perfect circle, but I managed to get a hole (unidentifiable shape) so I was fine with it.

Then I put butter in the pan, then added my bread and then I cracked my egg and put it inside of the unknown shape. Not bad. It was all going really well until I had to flip my egg in a blanket. After the “flipping” my egg was no longer in the blanket. My poor little egg was probably freezing. Get it? Because it wasn’t in the blanket anymore…

It ended up being a scrambled egg with a piece of bread. But, it was cooked the way I like it so I would say it was kind of successful.

Then I started making the scrambled eggs. Butter in. Three eggs in. Then I proceeded to scramble the eggs and add in two pieces of American Cheese and my secret ingredient…cream cheese. Shout out to Mom. It’s magical, I promise.

Then boyfriend said he wanted vegetables in the scrambled eggs. He has too much confidence in me. I had already cooked the eggs and I didn’t want them to burn so I took them out of the pan, put them onto the plate and then started to cook the veggies. Added some salt, pepper and oil and cooked them right up.

This was all happening while boyfriend was simultaneously making his bacon. Keep in mind the kitchen is the size of a Starbucks bathroom stall. A small Starbucks stall.

When we were done cooking we successfully plated our masterpieces and sat down to a lovely home-cooked meal. We also had chips and guacamole because the guacamole was about to expire.

Also Oreos for dessert.


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