Places I Like to Eat (close to NYU)

As an NYU student it is VERY important for me to know all the best restaurants and coffee shops around me. In my first semester I made it my mission to eat everywhere so I could know all the best places. Freshman 15 in the first semester. My belly is happy.

Here are my results…

Best Coffee Shop:

The Bean

824 Broadway

Holy wow do I love this place. There are 3 different locations around NYC but this one is homey and cozy and the best. It’s always super crowded and super warm (which I happen to love). There aren’t always seats available so sharing tables is a must. Also, their dirty chai is seriously to die for. Absolutely incredible. They also have both vegan and gluten free options. And wifi. And a discount if you’re a student at NYU. This magical place is also next door to The Strand; the best bookstore in the whole entire world and my favorite place ever. Not an exaggeration.

Best Pizza:

Joe’s Pizza

150 E 14TH Street

Cheesy, melty goodness in every bite. And for a low, low cost. It’s been around since 1975 and the slices are around $3.00 each. This place is an institution and you must go.

Best Bagels:

Murray’s Bagels

500 Ave. Of the Americas

See bagel post (pictures included)

Best Ice Cream:

Sundaes and Cones

95 E 10th Street

Super unique and fun ice cream flavors. Examples include black sesame and green tea. WHAT?!? Crazy weird. And crazy yummy. And cute!! They have snowmen everywhere. Who doesn’t like snowmen??!!?!?

Best Oatmeal:


120 W. 3rd Street

This sounds like a weird category but holy moly this might be my favorite place to eat. They have both savory and sweet oatmeals on the menu, or you have the option to make your own. They have options from Parmesan Ris(oat)o all the way to the S’mores flavored oatmeals. Their sizes are Baby Bear (small), Mama Bear (medium) and Papa Bear (large). How cute is that?!!? Boyfriend gets Papa Bear. They are yummy and warm and obviously healthy because you’re eating oatmeal.

Other Places you Should Go:

 Space Market (for a quick bite or snack)

Glaze (a FANTASTIC Asian teriyaki place thing)

Dos Toros (like Chipotle but it looks fancier and has a more fun name)

Fresh & Co (yummy and healthy and everywhere)


 Happy eating.



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