Gym Junky Paradise

I really try to eat healthy. I try to avoid sweets. I try not to drink coke. And I think that it’s a good idea to eat a substantial amount of green things everyday. I also think that eating in moderation is key. People disagree with me though. There is this new “health” trend coming about called a Cheat Meal and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Cheat Meals are typically for the avid gym junky. For the huge, scary, hulk type, car- lifting humans. Boyfriend being one of them. Boyfriend LOVES his cheat meals. His last cheat meal consisted of 6 cheeseburgers and 2 Mcflurrys (m&m and oreo). Oh, yes.

The idea is that when you eat that much in such a short amount of time your metabolism has to work that much harder. The increase in metabolism “can last for days after your body digests a cheat meal thus offsetting the drop in hormones that occurs when the calorie-defecient diet is again resumed” ( The key is to diet for 6 days and then on the 7th day you have the cheat meal. Continuing like this will (in theory) make you leaner and meaner (not actually meaner).

Honestly, I am a huge fan of these cheat meals. Mostly because I can have a bite of whatever I want and I don’t have to feel bad about it because I am not eating even close to as much as what boyfriend is eating. Also, boyfriend has to jump up and down sometimes (to make the food go down faster?) and that’s always fun to watch.

I am not sure if cheat meals do indeed cause weight loss, but I like the idea of them regardless. You get to stuff your face until you want to die and then your body is so overwhelmed that it just rejects all of the food. At least that’s how I picture it working.

Past Cheat Meals:

12 Donuts (Variety of kinds)

17 Pieces of Pizza

3 Boxes of Cereal and 2 Gallons of Milk

Box of Oreos and Bag of Hot Cheetos

Bag of Mini Donuts, Box of Sugar Cookies, Box of Oreos (Oreos are our favorite)

Future Cheat Meals I Think Would be Funny to Watch:

12 Cups of Coffee

3 Pounds of Salami

4 Bottles of Siracha

47 Apples

23 Ranch Dressing Packets

So many people are taking part in these cheat meals that they are opening a Cheatmeals Diner in South Harrow, London.


(I think that’s what they say)


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