Pretend Cooking

This is a new segment of my blog that I will be calling pretend cooking! Pretend cooking happens on the days where cooking is just too much to handle. When you get home late and you just want to sink into that butt imprint on your couch and watch Netflix for hours. When the idea of getting up to make ramen from the package makes you want to cry. When you just want to be a lazy potato…but you’re starving. Today I had a lazy potato day.

Here is how my pretend cooking came about…

I was browsing online for some easy taco recipes and came across one on Real Simple that said all I needed was to buy a pre-made rotisserie chicken and then the typical taco ingredients. Meaning: NO NEED TO COOK CHICKEN. Thank you Real Simple, you made everything really, really simple.

Market time! I got some cucumbers, salsa, guacamole, tortilla wraps and cheese. I’m very minimal when it comes to my tacos. Then I went to look for the chicken. If you are a loyal reader (thanks grandparents) I’m sure you know about my track record with grocery shopping. And, based on my grocery excursions so far I’m sure you can piece together what happened next. Yep. You guessed it, no rotisserie chicken.

There was pre-made turkey, but the bones were visible and that freaked me out. There was some kind of fish, but I was not in the mood. Then I saw some lemon chicken, but felt like that might be weird with the salsa and assortment of shredded cheeses.

THEN I found a Mexican chicken salad. Sold.

All I had to do to prepare this meal was to cut up the cucumbers, warm up the chicken and cook the tortilla wraps a little bit. Very manageable.

I began this very taxing cooking experience by cutting up the cucumbers. I only ate most of them. Then I put the pre-made Mexican Chicken into a pan with some vegetable oil. I didn’t cook it for too long because I really didn’t want to burn the already made chicken. You are not allowed to have burnt food when you are pretend cooking. So, the chicken ended up being a little bit chilly, but it smelled good. Then, I put the tortilla wraps into a pan to cook those (the oven doesn’t work). The first one ended up being super oily and gross. They got better as I kept cooking though. Progress people.

All I had to do after that was put out the guacamole, salsa, and cheese. Can’t mess that up.

Everything tasted super yummy (except for the super oily tortilla wrap that boyfriend ate (still sorry)).

Pretend cooking is the best. I highly recommend it.


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