The Best Bagels in New York (so far)

I love bagels. I think it should be a requirement that each person must eat at least one bagel a week. I mean, okay they may not be the healthiest but…taste trumps health in this case.

As a New Yorker, it is important that I know where to get the best bagels. I haven’t been to every single bagel shop yet (key word yet) but out of the bagel shops I have been to here are the best of the best…

5. Murray’s Bagels

500 Ave of the Americas

This is a top-notch bagel joint. Not only do they have the typical bagel variety (salt, everything, sesame etc.) they also have the option to add omelets or meats or cheeses to the bagels. The more options the better. They also have a huge array of drinks and different sweet items. The bagels are doughy and filling. This place is a staple as an NYU student.


(salt bagel with regular cream cheese)

4. Brooklyn Bagel

286 8th Ave

Okay, #4, this bagel shop is seriously incredible. When I went here with boyfriend it was a freezing day in the city and there was no room to sit and eat in the shop. So, boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to find a bench and eat in the cold (always up for a city adventure). Even though our fingers were numb and it was hard to talk by the end of our meal because of our frozen lips, the bagels were still incredible. That’s saying something. There are as many different kinds of cream cheese that you can think of to go on huge, doughy bagels. These bagels are huge. Like, really huge. The more the merrier.

(It was so cold that I forgot to take a picture but I got an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese)

3. Tompkins Square Bagels

165 Avenue A

 Yum. The line to get a bagel at this tiny little shop is always out the door. That alone is a good sign. There are 40 cream cheese flavors (I counted) including expresso, wasabi and different tofu varieties. There are also a large number of specialty sandwiches. And! You can watch the bagels being made. Those bagel makers are magicians I swear. This is also a spot frequented by many NYU students, and it is near a skate park. Bagels and a show.


(everything bagel with regular cream cheese and avocado)

 Russ & Daughters: The Shop

179 E Houston Street

Warning: this joint has two different locations. There is the shop and the café. The shop is where the bagels are sold and the café is where you can sit down and order a meal. This is important because these two places are a bit of a walk from each other and the website is not very clear.

Okay, now onto the bagels. Once you get to the Russ & Daughters SHOP you are immediately hit with the small of fish and chocolate. Yes, weird combination but such a pretty sight. The chocolates/ pastries line one side of the store and the bagels and lox line the other. These bagels are smaller and crispier than other the other bagel places previously mentioned, but just as yummy, don’t worry. The only issue is there isn’t a place to sit and enjoy the bagels. I would recommend going to this small haven on a day when it isn’t 30 degrees outside. Still though, worth it even in the cold.


(everything bagel with veggie cream cheese)

 1. Absolute Bagels

2788 Broadway

Dead. These bagels are heavenly. The best of the best. So good. Seriously. Even thinking about these bagels makes me want to cry. Sorry, but wow. The line is out the door no matter what time it is so you must wait. Seriously…wait in the line. It’s worth it. I promise. The shop is tiny and there are about 10 magical unicorn wizards behind the counter getting your pieces of heaven to you as fast as possible. There is also a nice homeless man outside of the shop sometimes. He’s really nice. Don’t ask me why the bagels are so good, I really do not know. They just are. You must trust me. That’s all I can say. Just go.


(salt bagel with regular cream cheese)

Stay tuned for more bagel reviews.


5 thoughts on “The Best Bagels in New York (so far)

  1. theqwik

    Had Tompkins a while back and was completely blown away. You always hear about how great the New York bagels are, but actually getting to try one completely changes the way you think about bagels. I guess what they say about the New York water isn’t BS after all. I had the everything bagel with the lox cream cheese, and was hands down the best bagel I have eaten to date. Next time I head to NYC, I will definitely have to check out some of those others you listed. Thanks for the heads up, can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. boss61alwi

    Now this is something truly helpful, as bagels are decidedly in my DNA. The last time I was in NYC, my daughter and I hunted fruitlessly for a good bagel place but we lacked informed guidance and wound up (like a moth drawn to the light) at the Port Authority. Much appreciated assistance!


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