A Workout and a Meal

I tried cooking again! Giving myself a mental pat on the back because cooking is very exhausting. Go you if you cook everyday.

Today I attempted to make One Pot Pad Thai (thank you buzzfeed). The recipe seemed simple enough, and only one pot to wash? Bonus. So, off I went to the market. I chose to go to a market up by Union Square because I knew it would have what I needed. Also it was close to where I worked out. So, list in hand I started to inspect the aisles. First, I couldn’t find the green onions. Then, the scallions were nowhere to be found. Then I couldn’t find the shallots. (I never actually found any of those items). Then, in order to make the Pad Thai sauce I needed a few different kinds of sauces. Couldn’t find any of those. I had to ask the poor market worker about every single item. Shoutout to you market worker. Eventually, I found the items that I deemed most important-not very chef like, I know-and made my way to my kitchen (boyfriend’s kitchen).

Good News: I got a good work out in.

Bad News: I had to carry 3 heavy grocery bags a mile and a half in the middle of winter in New York City.

My arms were about to fall off.

More Good News: I actually planned ahead before I started cooking!! Yay progress.

So, first I made the Pad Thai sauce. This included brown sugar, soy sauce, fish sauce (ew), and rice wine vinegar (also ew). For the record I have a fear of vinegar so this was a huge step for me. The recipe called for 1/8 cup of all of those ingredients. Unfortunately, we don’t have 1/8 of a cup SO I had to wing it. Eh, could be worse. After that was done I cut up the chicken into small chunks. Okay, I cut up half of the chicken. Then my arm got tired. Boyfriend took over. Then I cooked the chicken until it was nice and golden brown. Then cooked two eggs. Then made my noodles (NO BURNING THIS TIME) and then all I had to do was put all of these ingredients into my (one) pot and mix it all together.

MORE GOOD NEWS: It tasted good. Like…good.

Also don’t worry, I bought pepper. (See previous post).




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